Customized RV Mattresses

There are very few options when trying to find a mattress that fits your unique RV. Some manufacturers seem to take pleasure in bed platform and mattress designs that require custom making. Airstream Trailers and Jayco RV’s are notorious in this regard – nor do they offer mattress manufacturing according to their own schematics.

Additionally, some campers and RVs are so compact that they require corners to be cut off in order to fit other appliances such as stoves, doorway swing-areas, or pull out drawers. In all honesty, some of the mechanisms designed to accomplish these ends can be considered feats of engineering, or outright comedies!

The biggest presupposition is that getting a customized mattress will cost an arm and a leg. While is may be true in some cases (depending on your tastes), getting a VERY comfortable mattress (whether plush or firm) can be affordable and is always worth the good night’s sleep.


  • Cut Corners

  • Radius (Rounded) Corners

  • Unique Sizes (large, small, thin, wide, thick, thin)

  • Odd shapes


When ordering a mattress which includes cuts -whether radius or straight cuts – the fabricator will most likely ask you to provide a sketch which includes measured dimensions.

Ideally, your RV manufacturer can provide a template or schematic in this case. In some cases for very odd shapes, you may be asked to make a TEMPLATE out of paper by setting the mattress down on top of butcher paper or painters plastic and trace out the mattress and then ship that new cutout by mail so it can aid  during the cutting and sewing of your mattress.

In cases where you have simple radius corners, it may sound daunting…

We ran across this helpful video on YouTube about how to properly measure a radius corner – pretty simple!
(thanks to for this video on custom radius mattress measuring)