RV Mattress FAQ

What size should my RV mattress be?
Obviously you need the width and length that will fit your space. However…

One of the most dangerous assumptions when looking for an RV mattress is that the names of “standard” sizes can be used to determine which mattress to order. Names like “Twin”, “Full”, “Queen”, “Short Queen”, etc. are all just names that have no standard measurement. Sure, there are general ranges, but they are not exact measurement dimensions in the mattress industry as a whole – there are no standards set unfortunately.

Because of this you need to be SURE to MEASURE the space the mattress will be going into. In some cases it is ok to measure your current mattress to match that, but just be sure your current mattress hasn’t flattened out or changed size over the years. You want a nice snug fit with the platform the mattress will be going on top of.

Additionally, the main factor that might catch some off guard is the height/thickness of the mattress. In a lot of cases, there may be slide-out drawers, swiveling tv arms, table edges etc. within the RV which need to be taken into consideration so that the mattress won’t block these. In that case thickness of the mattress does matter.

In cases where there would be no obstruction to worry about, than thickness really comes down to comfort preference.

What about temperature?
RV’s are notorious for getting hot or cold. Hot mostly, since people tend to go camping during the summertime.

On top of that, earlier types of foam were known for trapping body heat and feeling hot while sleeping on them. Luckily the newer types of Memory Foam don’t have this problem…

…just be SURE to look for “open cell” memory foam. “Closed cell” is the other, older type which gained a reputation for trapping heat. Some manufacturers and brands still to this day use this lower quality foam, so be aware.

Again, “open cell” memory foam does much better and sleeps cooler.

You can also look for “gel memory foam” which is the latest development in foam technology, and does EVEN BETTER at staying cool overnight while sleeping.

Can I just place a topper over my current mattress?
In some cases yes that will make your mattress more comfortable without having to replace it.

The cases where getting a topper would be the most economical and effective option are when your current mattress is TOO FIRM.

If your current mattress is too soft, or flimsy, or sagging, then placing a topper over those situations would really not help much. Toppers are generally softer foams such as memory foam, and when placed ontop of a flimsy or uneven surface, then once you lay down you will still sink into that horrible old mattress surface that gave you problems in the first place.

As said above – if your current mattress is too firm for your liking, but can provide a solid base layer, than go ahead and put a memory foam topper on it!

How difficult will it be to get a new mattress into the RV/camper?
The thing to be aware of is if the new mattress you are ordering comes compressed and rolled. This is a standard practice nowadays for those who are sending mattresses made of pure foam. Aside from the maneuverability of a compressed and rolled mattress, it also saves a TON on shipping.

When it comes to innerspring mattresses (which are becoming less and less popular) , it really depends on the dimensions of the mattress itself, the dimensions of your RV door and hallways, and your physical strength and endurance 😉