RV Mattress Toppers

Instead of replacing an entire mattress, why not get a memory foam topper to simply add on top of your current mattress?

Here’s a few things to keep in mind, both pro and con:

  • if your current mattress is too firm, but still has a nice solid flat shape, a memory foam topper is a good solution
  • if your current mattress sags in places, or is just flimsy and lightweight in general, a memory foam topper is NOT going to help much

the point is that a topper is meant to make a solid surface more soft and comfortable.


If the surface is already very soft, or hard but un-even, than  you will still feel those unwanted bends even if adding a topper.

Additionally, if you are thinking of getting a heavy duty piece of foam to make a flimsy mattress more solid and even-surfaced, its probably not going to work well.

You always want a softer surface on top of a firmer surface

If you do the reverse – a firm surface on top of a soft surface – it will act like a balancing board and make for a slanted surface